Meet the Team


mikki and oz at footbridge, rolex kentucky


Mikki Kuchta has had 4 upper level event horses. Oz ,Mikki’s first Advanced horse, had a known personality of being very hard to ride and handle, but once Mikki got on him they formed a very unique bond. He is a  Canadian Thoroughbred. She took him to the Rolex Kentucky CCI**** in 2008, where they completed with a clear cross-country and finished 25th. That year they were the recipients of Jimmy Wofford’s legendary Practical Horseman “Who ‘Dat?!” Award. Jimmy once said that if you want to see a real cross country horse, you have to watch Mikki and Oz. These words continue to inspire Mikki today.Mikki and Fiji at Maui Jim Advanced

Mikki also has an 13 year old Hanoverian/Thoroughbred cross whom she currently competes at the Intermediate level. Calle is a lovely horse with a quiet temperament– quite the contrast from Oz! Mikki’s third competition horse was Fiji (Balmoral Tim Tram), an  Australian Thoroughbred whom Mikki started riding in March of 2009, and the pair competed at the CCI *** level, placing 10th in the 2010 Bromont CCI***.  Sadly Fiji passed away from complications from a surgery in August 2010.

Calle and Balmoral Tim Tram are owned by James and Sarah Wildasin. The Wildasins have been very supportive of Mikki’s competitive career for the past five years. They are  wonderful owners to work with and have allowed Mikki to progress in her riding career.

Mikki also competes Kim Small’s horse Rubens D’Ysieux. he is a 9 year old Selle Francais that Kim imported from France. Mikki and Rubens have formed an amazing partnership and have come up the levels with excellent results. They won their first FEI event together in a CIC *, and the next year finished 3 rd in their first CIC** at Richland Park. Be sure to watch this pair as he looks to be an up and coming star.

ASSISTANT TRAINER:Bridgette Kuchta rides at the Intermediate level and helps Mikki exercise and train the horses. She has brought several horses along from their first events to where they are now. At shows Bridgette helps to warm up students when scheduling becomes difficult. She has a great eye and says just the right things to get riders ready for a successful round. She got her Prelim horse when Pebbles was 3 and brought her up to Preliminary in just over two years, and hopes to do the same with Polo as well as many other young horses.She competed Orion XII, at the Preliminary level extremely successfully– they were second in the 2010 Area I Preliminary Championships! Bridgette also recently completed her first Intermediate on her mother’s horse Oz, finishing in seventh place. She now has a new ride on Fort Conquest a thoroughbred who she just moved up to the Preliminary level in September 2011.
ASSISTANT: Janelle Phaneuf joined us in November 2012 and she has been an amazing addition to the team. Janelle was one of our AREA 1 young Riders who competed on the team , coached by Mikki , July 2012. She placed 5th in the CCI * Championship.Janelle lives on the farm with us and works full time taking care of the horses as well as helping with their training. She is a very natural and experienced rider with a tremendous desire to learn. She is planning to make a career out of riding and training event horses.Janelle currently competes two horses . Irish Ike, whom she rode in the 2012 NAJYRC and Twist Again a horse that she leases, who is now qualified to compete in the 2013 NAJYRC. 





Current Students:

Kim Small joined us in 2012 with her Selle Francais, Rubens D’Ysieux. She had been eventing in Europe and came to us competing at Training level. she moved up to Preliminary in August and has been very successful at that level in 2013. In 2014 Kim bought a 5 year old Dutch warmblood named Rembrandt. since handing over the ride on Rubens to Mikki, she will now bring along her new youngster up the levels.

Kim and Rembrandt 2014

Kim and Rubens









Caroline Day has ridden with Bridgette and Mikki since 2010. Caroline initially rode her gelding Max, starting at Beginner novice and moving up to Training level. She then purchased Malibu a Canadian bred mare and they moved up to Preliminary in 2012. in 2013 the two qualified for NAJYRC and have now competed in Kentucky twice. In 2014 they finished 7th in the CCI* NAJYRC. in the spring of 2014 they moved up to the Intermediate level and hope to compete on the AREA 1 two star NAJYRC team.She continues to compete Max at Beginner Novice.

Caroline Day and Malibu CIC*

Adrienne Watts joined us in 2014 moving here with her family from South Africa. December 2013, they purchased a 5 year old thoroughbred from Janelle. His name is Braveheart. He was green and Adrienne has brought him along slowly competing in some jumper shows and schooling for cross country. They will start eventing next spring.








Claire Paulhac:

Claire has been riding with us  for the past three years. She participated in Pony Club events on her quarter horse Lucky, but recently purchase Elliott a big warmblood that she has now evented up to Training level.

Lynn Simmelink DVMhas ridden with us since 2011. She has a lovely warmblood named Dillon. She started him out at Beginner Novice and then moved up to Novice. She owns a very busy Equine Practice and in her limited spare time she trains and competes with us. Her daughter Stacy Taylor has been a working student for Mikki

Lynn and Dillon at Groton House Farm

Renee Fancherhas ridden with us since 2011. She bought her first horse Bing and started showing in hunter/jumper shows. When Bing was hurt Renee competed Nancy Marks horse Taz at the Beginner novice level. Now Renee and Bing have progressed from Beginner novice to the Preliminary. in 2014 they completed 5 Preliminary events and plan to move up to the CCI* level in 2015, with hopes to qualify for the NAJYRC in 2015!Bing and Renee, Preliminary , Stuart Horse Trials 2014 ADY FLEITZ Joined the team in 2013 with her Australian thoroughbred, Taz. they competed at Training level most of 2014, moving up to P/T level in august. She is an active member of Wilton Pony Club and placed 4 4th at Pony club Nationals in Kentucky, July 2014. They plan to move up to Preliminary in 2015, with hopes to qualify to the NAJYRC in 2015!Ady and Clifton Vitori ( TAZ), Kent 2014
INDRA RAPINCHUK-SOUCCAR Joined the team in 2014 as a working student in Aiken. She brought her quarter-horse cross mare; with whom she had competed at Training level. They progressed rapidly through the winter, moving up to Preliminary and then qualifying for NAJYRC with a win in the CIC* division at Bromont, Canada in June. They were part of the AREA 1 NAJYRC team in 2014. They hope to return to Kentucky again this year and improve from their impressive performance last year.

Matthew Eliott is a large animal veterinarian who has ridden with Mikki for the past 8 years. Matt had foxhunted but had not yet evented at that time. He has evented to Preliminary level. He now has an experienced Thoroughbred named Bailey; with whom he enjoys eventing, trail riding, hunter pacing and Parelli work Matthew and Caffrey Prelim at Rubicon
Mia Petersen has ridden with Mikki for the past 6 years. She started at Beginner Novice and moved all the way up to competing successfully at the Advanced level. She has a lovely Irish Sport Horse mare named Rowan who is now retired as a brood mare.  Mia recently relocated to Tennessee where she is setting up her own Equestrian business of training and resale. She now has two horses: a prelim horse named Parker and a 4 year old named Winter Step.
Michele Leasure has ridden with Mikki since 2009. A physical therapist by day, Michele helps everyone work out their kinks after a tough ride. Michele and her horse Ridley have been doing extremely well at the Training level and at numerous hunter paces and shows in the area- Ridley always has a new ribbon to hang on his stall door! In 2012 they placed very well at Training  level, as well in Prelim/ Training divisions and moved up to Preliminary in august. They also   won the Open Hunter class at the Golden’s Bridge Hounds Hunter Trials. Michele
Stacey Taylor has ridden with Mikki during the summer for the past four years. She was a working student for the winter of 2012 in Aiken where she competed her  wonder pony Darby at the Preliminary level.. Stacey is a Veterinary student at Penn. Stacey and Darby at Millbrook
Monique Schulman has ridden with Mikki since 2008. Monique has brought along her own Tattinger since he was 4 . They winter at Riverhorse and spend the rest of the year training out of their own farm in Bedford , New york. Monique and Tattinger compete in recognized Jumper shows and have also been successful in several combined tests.

Monique and Tattinger

Amanda Silver has ridden with Mikki for 4 years. In 2011 she made the successful move up to the Intermediate level and competed in her first CIC**on Buckingham Place.. She also has a fiery little mare named Taz. Amanda and Taz have shared great successes; including winning the 2009 Preliminary Championships in Area I, and representing Area I at the 2010 NAJYRC. She is an “A” rated Pony Clubber and will take part in an International Pony Club program in Australia this summer. Photo to come soon.
Nancy Marks is Amanda’s mother, and has taken over competing Taz with the team . Nancy and Taz have done very well at the Novice level and Training level this year with top placings at Town Hill and Fitch’s Corner. Nancy is also our Area I Young Rider Coordinator. Nancy
Erica Egan has ridden with Mikki for several years, her daughter Ciara was a working student for Mikki for several years. Erica has recently gotten back to eventing her horse Cooley Aftershock. Photo soon to come.
Hannah Forte is a  working student with the ABF team. In addition to bringing along her own young mare, Hannah is working toward her B Pony Club rating, helping Mikki exercise the horses and learning lots in the process. She now leases Brisco Bay and has started eventing him. She will return to Aiken with us this winter and plans to move up the levels and gain mileage on this experienced mount. Hannah
Fiona Finlay-Hunt has ridden with Mikki for the past 7 years. Fiona has a great little horse named Jack. Fiona is curetnly attending Law School at Columbia so she is close enough to ride most weekends and recently won the Goldens Bridge hunter pace. Fiona and Jack at Town Hill Championships
Ciara Barr has been a student of Mikki’s since she was 15, she worked several winters with Mikki in Aiken and Ocala. She then attended Dartmouth College, and then went on to Vet School at Penn State. She now rides and competes Cooley Aftershock with her mom Erica Egan. Photo to come soon.
Elizabeth Gossett has ridden with Mikki since 2010. She and her horse Madison were Reserve Champions at the 2011 Beginner-Novice Area 1 Championships. They then moved up to Novice and had many top placings at that level as well. Liz will send Madison to Aiken for a couple months in the winter so that he can continue his training with Mikki. She will come down to compete him, until we all head home in April.
Mark Greene : has worked with Mikki on a part time basis for the past 4 years. This year Mark is between his Bachelors and Masters programs in Engineering and will be able to spend the whole winter with us in Aiken. He and his horse Alex have been together for many years. Mark and Alex have competed at the Training level for the past few years. This year Mark will move up to Preliminary and is aiming for a Pony Club “A” rating in the summer. Mark and Alex at Millbrook
Theo and Bay Dotson work with Mikki, Bridgette, and Janelle throughout the year. Theo and her lovely connemara gelding Knightley enjoy trail riding, dressage shows, and jumper shows. Bay has a very cute connermara gelding Peppermint, Bay and Peppermint enjoy trail riding and competing in many Pony Club Rallies.
Carroll Paulhac has ridden with Mikki since 2007. She and her lovely mare , Charlotte compete at  the Novice level and placed 2nd at GMHA. They also enjoy Foxhunting and hunter pacing. Carroll recently purchased Duke a 4 year old, Carroll is very excited about her new gelding and we look forward to watching them compete this season!
Whitney Pierpont Has ridden with Bridgette since 2012, Whitney recently bought Diamond Jim and has been competing him Beginner Novice in 2014. Before that she shared a horse with her daughter.

Whitney is a Barre Studio instructor and when she comes to Aiken during the winter she helps get

the staff in shape with workouts in the evenings! Whitney hopes to move Diamond Jim up to Novice this year

 Sloane Pierpont Has ridden with Bridgette since 2012, she competes her dutch warmblood Huckleberry Finn, Sloane and Finn recently moved up to Training level in 2014. Sloane is currently attending Kent Boarding School where she rides with Former Olympian Michael Page during the Fall. Sloane will spend her winter break down in South Carolina with Bridgette  
Olivia Paulhac and her horse Lucky also compete at the Novice level with her mom. They represented theMetropolitan Region at Pony Club Nationals in 2011.
 Laurent Paulhac began riding in 2013 with Mikki and Bridgette, he shares a horse with his daughter Claire. Laurent recently started competing in lower level jumpers aboard Eliott, and hopes to beginning lower level eventing in 2015. Laurent has a very busy schedule travelling during the week for work, but always plans time to ride. 

Sandy Holden has been riding with Mikki and Bridgette for the past few seasons. She competes three lovely horses she competes. Cano Cristales, Coeur D’Espri, and  Sir Teddington. Sandy splits time between eventing and pure dressage, she has qualified for AEC, and Dressage finals with each of her horses! 












Haley Rosenburg Has ridden with Mikki and Bridgette for several seasons now on her horse Sir Teddington, Haley competes Teddy at Training level. They have competed in the AEC for the past 2 years, for BN and N, they hope to qualify for the AEC for Training level this year. 







Former Students:

Ryann Quigley is a new member of the team. She is a senior in high school and will come south this winter to be a working student for Mikki. Ryann also represented  Area I at NAJYRC in summer 2009 as a member of the 4th-placed team. Ryann has two  horses, Spike and Moose. She just completed her first Intermediate on Spike before retiring him and focusing on her new Prelim horse Moose. Ryann and Spikes at Waradaca
Cori Garcia is one of the newest members of the team this year. Cori has come on as a full-time working student for Mikki. Cori has a lovely15hh horse named Riley that she has brought up to Intermediate. Riley had an injury that held him back from competing last year, but Cori and Riley are going to be back in the competitions this winter down in Aiken. Cori has taken Riley in a couple of two stars, and many Intermediates. We are very happy to have her! Cori and Riley
Arden Wildasin is 16 years old and  has ridden with Mikki for the past 5 years. She started at the Beginner Novice level and now competes at the two star level. Arden was listed on the USEA Developing Riders Program in 2009 and had the opportunity to train with Captain Mark Phillips for three days. Arden and her horse, Totally Awesome Bosco, won the silver medal at the NAJYRC in Kentucky in July 2009, riding on the one star team for Area I.
Lauren Ivanhoe has ridden with Mikki for the past three years. She and her horse Liam have just moved up from Training to the Preliminary level. They spend the winter out in the hunt fields waiting for the spring season to start. Lauren and Liam at King Oak
Francie Matthews is the horses’ massage therapist. She has a huge, lovely horse named Tin Man. Francie has ridden with Mikki for the past two years at the Novice level.  This team hopes to be competing again in the summer of 2011. Francie and Tin Man at Fitchs
Megan Strickler rode with us for 3 years on her event horse named Banter. Megan competing Banter at Novice but now they do Dressage as Megan attends University of New Hampshire. Megan and Banter

Abigail Lee and her mother Grace rode with Mikki for a number of years. Abigail and her mare Emilia have had great success at the Training level, and Abigail often competes her mother’s horse No Questions at Preliminary. This year, Abigail and Questions won the Poplar Place Preliminary and completed their first CIC* at Red Hills.Abigail is now a freshman at the University of Florida. Abigail


Charlie Campbell splits his time between trainig with Mikki and Phillip Dutton.He has ridden with Mikki for 2 years and moved up to the Preliminary level onhis horse Roosevelt in 2011, placing in all 3 of his Preliminary starts. Charlie would like to be a memberof the Area 1 Junior young Rider national Championships.