Aiken 2015

So we have settled in the first group of horses at CII Polo in Aiken. This is our second year at Henry Cato’s beautiful farm. Mikki, Dan, Bridgette, Bob, Janelle, Chris, and Chelsea all drove down on Jan 1st, our trip was very smooth, and we left around 5am and arrived safely at the farm around 8:30pm, making great time. The shipper arrived about an hour after us with the rest of the horses. So we had 11 horses arrive the first day, and over the next 2 days the remaining 6 horses arrived. It’s going to be a BIG year for Team Aiken Bach Farm! We are starting the New Year with 17 horses, then in February our numbers will again increase with a few more clients and horses making the trip to Aiken.

We are joined this year by some familiar faces with Janelle Phaneuf and Indra Rapinchuk-Souccar working again this year, they both have their Young Riders horses down again this year, and both are hoping to head back to Kentucky again in 2015 for Area 1. We then have two new workers joining the team, returning to ABF after finishing college is Chelsea Messinger, and Chris Warthmann, for both of them this is their first trip to Aiken, and their first time working a winter with ABF. So we have a very strong team this year, and everyone seems to be having a great time on the farm.

Our season is just beginning to heat up! We have a PACKED schedule this year, so look for updates on our website and follow us on Facebook at Aiken Bach Farm Event Team Our first event is Full Gallop on Jan 24-26, Many of our students will be riding,

Ciara Barr on Cooley Aftershock in Novice

Mikki will be riding 5 horses, Sir Teddington in Novice, San Souci in BN, ABF Special Agent in Training, Rubens D’Ysieux in the Intermediate/Prelim, and Calle in Prelim

Mia Peterson will be riding her own Parc Cooley in Prelim, and Winter Step in Novice

Janelle Phaneuf will be riding her own Irish Ike in the Prelim